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Employee FAQ

Employee FAQ
Q: Does Tekk Force charge a fee to job seekers?
A: There are no fee's to job seeker. A candidate pays nothing to be represented by us.
Q: How do I register with Tekk Force?
A: Once an appointment has been set, a candidate must come into our office, fill out an application, interview with a recruiter and take any applicable written or practical skills testing.
Q: How long does the interview process take?
A: The interview process will last 1 to 1 ½ hours.
Q: How long will I have to wait before I get a job?
A: There is no guarantee when you will be placed. There are times we don't know when we will need someone with your specific skill set until a client calls in with a request. Your file will remain active and you will be considered available until you inform Tekk Force otherwise. We will call you when we find a position that matches your skill set.
Q: If I take a temporary assignment, is there a chance it will go permanent?
A: Temporary assignments could go permanent. Companies will sometimes request a skill set for a 1 month project and because the candidate performs so well, the company will continue to use this person until they can hire them permanent.
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