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Payroll Staffing
Are your Employees: Benefits of Payrolling Employees:
1. Probationary
2. High Turnover
3. Seasonal Based
4. On a 1099 Contract
5. On Call
6. Short Term
7. Part Time
1. Reduces accounting and record keeping
2. Allows companies to evaluate and hire only
proven candidates
3. Helps reduce unemployment and workers
compensation rates
Companies of all sizes utilize Tekk Force for payroll services. This allows you the ability to increase or decrease your seasonal work force quickly without the exposure of unemployment costs or workers compensation risk. Since these are your candidates, there is no buy out or time period that must be fulfilled before taking them on permanent. Tekk Force ensures that all applicable paperwork (I-9's, W2's, etc.) and pre-employment screening is complete before the first day of assignment. If your candidate does not pass our application and screening process, you will be notified immediately.

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